5 Pro Tips For Your Driver Recruiting Website


Driver recruitment advertising continues to grow in the online world. Now more than ever, a strong website is a must. It’s the first place people go to learn more about your company, and first impressions are everything. If your driver recruiting website isn’t up to par, you’ll quickly lose opportunities to connect with your audience.

Take a gander at these five pro tips to see if your site is optimized for recruiting truck drivers.

1. Offer Strong Job Visibility

When driver prospects land on your website, they should have no problem finding available positions and where to apply. If you have a job board, this should not only be obvious to visitors, but clean and easy to read. The goal is to generate leads and ultimately hire drivers, so the application process should be clear with no distractions. Have a bold “Apply Now” or “Contact a Recruiter” color-contrasted button that is visible on every page of your site.

With stronger visibility, driver prospects will enjoy a simplified web experience while you enjoy generating leads.

2. Include an Insightful Company Profile

Your recruiting site showcases benefits and incentives of course, what about who you are as a company? This tip focuses on the non-tangible reasons to drive for your company. People want to know if they will fit in with your culture and what makes you special. Nothing lengthy, but consider highlighting your equipment, community involvement, and industry awards. It’s compelling to have a voice!

Your trucking company offers a whole lot more than sign on bonuses, so let prospects know this and be proud of your personality.

3. Provide an Easy User Experience

It’s no secret that the majority of adults have short attention spans, especially when surfing online. It’s crucial your driver recruiting site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Quick website speed, clean, streamlined pages, bulleted content, and integrated links so visitors can intuitively know where to go next, are just a few key things for offering a better user experience. 

May we also suggest providing short forms for fewer steps in the application process. Qualified candidates will have the opportunity later for completing those longer apps.

4. Invest in a Good ATS

If you’re using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), do your research to ensure it’s a good one. This software is designed for recruitment tracking, managing candidate source data, and showing you which sources are delivering candidates and hires. If you’re recruiting truck drivers, you rely heavily on these factors. It’s worthwhile to optimize your ATS for improving the hiring process.

Your software should be efficient, updated, and mobile-friendly–bringing us to our next tip…

5. Test on Different Devices

You’ve probably tired of hearing us harp on the importance of being mobile-friendly, but it’s so necessary to know your website and landing pages are properly performing on all devices and screens. In fact, research shows nearly 90% of job seekers search for careers at some point on a mobile device. From laptops to tablets to phones, test your pages on different devices and see how they look and perform.

Trust us, you’ll rest easy knowing your site is responsive and functions correctly across multiple devices!


Your driver recruiting website is the forefront of your company and one of the top platforms to drive targeted traffic. To enhance this important area in your driver recruitment advertising strategy, be sure to look into these five pro tips!

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