Why Your Trucking Company Needs Instagram & How to Use Recruit Drivers With It


Are you wondering how Instagram can help you recruit drivers? It surely can and we’re going to tell you how Instagram can be successful in your driver recruitment strategy and why you should incorporate this platform into your marketing plan.

First, let’s cover the basics. Instagram is the one of the newest and hottest social media apps in the country. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s a quick rundown…

Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that allow users to take pictures and videos, apply filters to them and share them on a variety of social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is a free mobile app that you can download on your iPhone or Android (it’s strictly mobile.) There are 20 filters you can play around with and choose from. You can follow your friends and businesses, and they can follow you back. You can comment and like your followers’ photos. It’s quick, fun and easy to use. 

While Instagram is only a little over three years old, it has made huge strides in social media. With over 150 million users on the platform, 16 billion photos shared, and one billion likes happening each day, this photo-sharing platform is one of the most engaging channels on social media.

How can Instagram help in my recruiting efforts?

It’s mobile and everyone is mobile these days. It’s a great way for your business to communicate directly with people with whom you want to build trust and credibility. There’s no better way for people to see what you are up to than on social media. You want your followers to engage with your brand and drive for your company one day.

How can I create interaction?

Ask questions. Get your followers engaged. Get their opinion. If they have a question for you, try to answer it as soon as possible. The whole idea is to have your followers turn into drivers, then your drivers turn into promoters for your business. “Indirectly” encourage potential drivers why they should work for you in a fun mood without being too pushy or bland. Tell your company’s story through Instagram.

What can I upload photos of?

  • Trucks
  • Employees
  • Scenic drives
  • Awards
  • Events
  • Food
  • Holiday-related photos
  • Anything happening in the community

It does not need to necessarily be all about recruiting; it’s about visual feelings. Images of sunsets and nature get a lot of likes because they are visually pleasing. It’s not just about business. Try to capture photos that are eye-catching and show what you’re company is up to. 

You can also upload 15-second videos to Instagram. You can capture so much more with a video, but don’t overdo it. Whatever the video may be, make it fun and give followers a reason to watch it. Remember you only get 15 seconds, so make it count!

What’s a hashtag and why should I use them?

A hashtag is the # symbol then a word used (like #hightoweragency) in the caption of your photo or video to describe it. The hashtags that you use to describe the image or the video are how people follow you or find you. Hashtags and @mentions are important for marketers and businesses. If you use hashtags, then users can find your business the hashtag dashboard.

A @mention is when you tag another Instagram follower. If you’re posting a photo that involves an event in the community, @mention their Instagram username so they will be notified and can help spread the word about your company.

When’s the best time to post?

Thursday and Sunday are the most popular days to post on Instagram. The beauty of Instagram is that it’s all in the moment; you can’t schedule with Instagram. This is why we believe there’s so much engagement and why people love it.

Where can I promote my Instagram account?

Even though Instagram is a mobile app, there are many ways to promote your Instagram efforts through other marketing avenues:

  • Add the Instagram icon to the top of your website.
  • Announce it in your monthly newsletter or e-blasts.
  • Link your Instagram photos to your business Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Write a blog about it.
  • Follow other businesses and users that may be interested in your company and the trucking industry.
  • Add an Instagram tab to your Facebook Page.
  • Add it to the bottom of your email signature.
  • Use the “Find Friends” feature on your Instagram account. Follow them and if you are posting photos that users find valuable, they will quickly follow you and encourage others to do the same.
  • Use the “Explore feature to search users and hashtags for the type of pictures you’re interested in.
  • Geotag your photos. Users are interested in photos from locations that they know. If you geotag, Instagram will bring up other photos from that location and other users posting photos from the same location may see your pictures and follow you.
  • Make sure your account is public and not on the private setting.

 How can I analyze my Instagram results?

Go into Statigram to analyze all of your Instagram data. Want to see all of the hashtags used on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Do so on Tagboard.

Now what?

Create your Instagram account by downloading the FREE app on your iPhone or Android! Filters, hashtags, photos and videos aside, your audience is your #1 priority. When incorporating Instagram into your driver recruitment strategy, upload visually-appealing photos and videos that will draw in potential drivers and follow the right target market of people that will find your photos valuable.

The Hightower Agency is one of the best driver recruitment agencies. With over 25 years in the industry, we offer a wide variety of effective and affordable driver recruiting advertising solutions. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

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