5 Reasons Why Your Driver Recruiting Sites Aren’t Performing


Truck driver recruiting is becoming more and more dependent on the web every day. As prospects are being consistently targeted by companies, they’re viewing numerous websites and jobs across the board. In order to successfully recruit drivers and increase conversions, it’s important your driver recruiting sites and landing pages are optimized and performing at their full potential.

Let’s go over a few tips!


Truck Driver Recruitment Tips: 5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Not Be Performing

1. Poor Use of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is incredibly important to getting the most out of your web presence. SEO utilizes special embedded phrases to match Internet users’ searches. If you’re not updating your website with keyword-rich content, it could be a big factor in why you aren’t seeing enough traffic. To show up higher in search engine results, hire a blogger or start blogging on your own to improve SEO (it works!)

2. You Haven’t Defined Your Audience

Making a website appear pretty to the general public is a great plan, but once you’ve done the basics you should try to narrow your audience. Consider your most recent driver hires. What age were they? Where were they from? How did they find out about your company? By answering these questions you can customize your websites, emails, and ad campaigns to appeal to the people most likely interested in your message.

3. You Aren’t Mobile-Friendly

A huge amount of Internet users are surfing the web via phones or tablets. These devices work best on sites that offer simplified web page versions. In other words, optimized to fit any screen. If your visitors are having to “pinch and zoom” when filling out an app, they’ll most likely bounce.

Even more, Google recently released a new algorithm update focused on boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly websites while pushing unresponsive sites down the ranks. Even without this update, it’s been proven time and time again that mobile-friendly sites have higher conversion numbers than those that aren’t.

4. Poor Landing Pages

First impressions always matter. Your landing pages are one of the top places where driver prospects get their first impression of your trucking company. This goes back to the reason above, but an overly complicated page full of small text will look out of touch and be difficult to navigate. For better lead generation, sharply organize your landing page content with one CTA (like a short app or recruiter contact form), a few bullet points, and a bright, clean image. The more streamlined and focused, the better.

5. Weak Content

Content is king! It’s not intriguing to have long, complex articles that don’t match the interests of your audience. Potential drivers aren’t looking so much to learn the date you were founded, but how well your company operates and why they should drive for you.

Instead of only offering a list of jobs and the history of the company, consider adding engaging content that will make you memorable. Publish blogs on what makes truck driving a rewarding career. Highlight a longtime driver’s success. This is the sort of winning content that makes you stand out above competitors, driving more traffic to your sites.

These days, the prosperity of your fleet is inextricably linked the the quality of your website. Without a strong online presence, your recruiting efforts may be trucking along on flat tires. Review these five areas to put your recruitment advertising in the fast lane!

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