Trucking Companies: Does your Facebook Need a Facelift?


Did you know the average age of a commercial driver is 55, and the fastest growing age on Facebook is 50 and up? This tells us that drivers are on Facebook, and if you’re recruiting drivers, it’s crucial that your trucking company is on Facebook, too.

With millions of prospective drivers logging into Facebook everyday and scrolling through their NewsFeed and engaging with friends and their favorite businesses, it’s important to realize that not only does your trucking company need have a page, but your recruitment Facebook page needs to be optimized.

It should:

1.  Look awesome

First impressions are everything. If the appearance of your Facebook page is poor, then your visitors will naturally form a negative impression. Say a prospective driver lands on your Facebook page and there is no cover photo, the profile photo doesn’t fit within the 160 x 160 dimensions, and there are no applications. They’ll think “Wow, this doesn’t look that great. This may not be a good company to drive for.” You must have a nice looking Facebook page (as you would with your website) that fits within your company’s branding image. Don’t run off your visitors by not optimizing the appearance of your page.

2.  Have great content

One of the main concerns with having a Facebook page is “what should I post?” or “is this something I should post?” Creating updates to post for your followers must be formulated with thought and creativity. Posting great content is key — without informative and engaging content, your followers won’t be interested in what you have to say. Your social presence may get lost in the shuffle simply because what you are updating your fans with is not what they care to see. A good tip for compelling content is to ask yourself “would I be interested in this?” and “would I notice this?” Remember, social media isn’t a formal setting. It’s a place to interact with the community in a casual form while naturally promoting your trucking company.

3.  Actively send drivers to your recruitment website

So, you have an awesome looking Facebook page and you’re posting engaging content. You’re headed in the right direction, but let’s not forget the goal at the end of the day:  to recruit truck drivers. You must provide tools that will send potential drivers to your recruitment website where they can fill out an application. 

Tip 1 – Post status updates with a link to your recruitment website through an alluring manner. For example, take a photo of a current driver who just received a completion check from the company. You could say “Congratulations to (name here) for receiving his $1,000 completion check! Join our team and this could be YOU!” and link directly to your site where your Facebook fans can apply.

Tip 2 – Integrate an “Apply Now” application. On the desktop version of Facebook, there are four tabs across a business Facebook page. You can actually customize one of those available tabs into a branded application that links directly to your recruitment website. This is an excellent idea because any prospective driver who lands on your page doesn’t have to spend time looking where to apply — it’s right there at the top of the page. They can’t miss it!

If the appearance of your Facebook page isn’t looking so hot, your content isn’t up-to-par, or you don’t have an obvious section on your page where drivers can apply, it may be time for a Facebook facelift.

Remember:  The world has turned to digital and social media and Facebook is an established platform where you can naturally put your company in front of new drivers. Whether potential drivers are on this popular social network to read interesting news, look for jobs, stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers or learn something new, it’s no lie that they’re there regardless. Your Facebook page needs to be optimized to draw positive attention to your company, create conversation through great content, and send traffic to your recruitment website. This all results in a higher number of qualified drivers filling out applications.

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