Mobile Sites For Trucking Companies: You Need One


Not so long ago, trucking companies that were hooked into the Internet with even a basic website were considered ahead of the curve and many were slow to get on board. Nowadays, just about everybody has joined the online revolution, having created a company website, a blog and maybe an area dedicated to driver recruitment. But guess what? The way your desired audience is obtaining their information today has changed dramatically. They’ve become “mobile” and user-friendly mobile sites are what they’re now looking for. Old-school Internet sites don’t translate so well onto hand-held mobile devices, which is creating a mad scramble for companies wanting to remain relevant and create an effective means for reaching their target audience.

Consider these facts… 85% of all Americans own cell phones (up 20% in less than three years) and 63+ million mobile phone subscribers over the age of 13 have a smart phone. Wow! The time spent communicating on hand-held mobile devices has increased nearly 30% in that same time period, which is faster than that of any other medium. And finally, smart phones sales have long surpassed the sale of PCs, another indication that PCs are on the way out and mobile device use is exploding. This is why tailoring your company’s recruiting efforts to be compatible with mobile sites has now become imperative.

Creating a recruitment website that’s mobile-friendly is still just one piece of the puzzle leading to successful recruitment efforts during these days of “too many trucks and not enough drivers to operate them.” But the fact remains that it may be the most important piece in today’s tough hiring climate. Mobile sites allow you to get up close and personable with potential recruits at any time, wherever they are, because they’re carrying around the connection right there in their pocket or in their rig. 

New technologies are happening faster than ever. After the success of the Internet, the advent of smart phones, tablets, social media networking and new, well-designed and user-friendly mobile sites, drivers are now communicating and obtaining information in a whole new way. At Hightower, this has become one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal of recruiting strategies. That’s not to say that methods other than mobile sites don’t still have their place in a well-rounded approach to finding and hiring top-quality talent to exactly fit your specific requirements. They do. But, with increasing numbers of job seekers going to mobile sites to look for employment options, to research companies and to receive job information or job alerts, employers need to consider this changing trend and make it a part of their comprehensive recruitment strategies. 

Mobile users expect a simplified browsing experience. While modern smartphones can render full websites, mobile users expect a site that loads quickly, is easily navigable (without pinch-zooming) and contains plenty of functions and sections that are pertinent to mobile users. The functionality on a mobile site provides simple viewing and is easily navigable by users.

Mobile traffic is (and will continue) exploding. Using a mobile device as a means to search the Internet is not slowing down. In fact, it is only going to increase. Mobile traffic has been growing steadily over the past five years, but increased more than 50 percent in 2013. With stats like these, you cannot afford to ignore mobile users in 2014. It’s imperative that your content is not only readily available to mobile users, but is optimized for mobile consumption. Is your content mobile ready for drivers to easily navigate and apply on your recruitment website?

As a driver recruitment agency, we recognize the importance of every recruiting tool. This includes website development, use of social networking platforms, brochures, billboards and advertising in a variety of media including television, radio, newspaper and other publications.

So if you’re not on the mobile site band wagon yet, it’s time to start considering jumping on; the country’s gone mobile and so should your recruiting efforts!

As one of the top recruitment agencies in the trucking industry, we offer a wide variety of driver recruiting services. Our driver recruitment consultants can get your company where it needs to be. Some of our truck driver recruitment services include: creation of mobile sites, public relations for the trucking industry, radio advertising to recruit drivers, re-marketing to recruit drivers, social media to recruit truck drivers, blogs to generate more truck driver leads, email marketing to recruit drivers, Google AdWords to recruit drivers, ad campaigns, publication ads, brochures, Internet placement, newspaper placement, copyright services for trucking, ad copy, website redesign and more.

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