Press Releases to Recruit Truck Drivers


If you are recruiting truck drivers and looking to promote and grow your fleet, a press release strategy should be part of your overall marketing efforts.

press release, or sometimes called a news release or media release, is a written communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy (we know your trucking company has something newsworthy that people want to hear about!) Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your company and announce upcoming events, products, company news, and more. 

When it comes to recruiting truck drivers, it’s best to dip your toes into many advertising techniques: print, digitial, social media, newspaper ads, Google Ad Words, etc… but if you are looking at add to your marketing mix, consider press releases. They can be distributed to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations and this traditional type of PR is inexpensive and effective.

Here are a few reasons why you should write press releases to recruit truck drivers:

You’ve got big news. Does your company hold job fairs? Do you have a big award ceremony or event coming up? Write a press release about it and distribute to the media. Make the most out of your job fair or event by letting as many people know about it as possible. The more you advertise and expose your company to the right market, the more drivers will come to your site or call one of your recruiters.

Reach other markets quickly and inexpensively. Targeting a certain demographic or city? Getting the word out quickly to a certain geographic area or niche market can easily be done if you have a press release strategy when recruiting drivers. Press releases aren’t expensive and can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. There’s no reason not to include press releases in your driver recruitment mix.

Add potential drivers to your sales funnel. Your goal is to get qualified prospects to fill out an application on your website. But how are you getting them there? Do you have a call to action? Are you running a PPC campaign? Do you have a blog with awesome content? Extend the shelf-life of your call to actions by writing a press release and sharing it out there. You may be reaching markets you didn’t even know existed. You may be surprised at what comes your way not just in online traffic, but in the number of driver applications and other opportunities. Move them through this sales funnel to get visitors where they need to be.

Writing press releases is a sure way to drive traffic to your site and show potential drivers why they should drive for your trucking company. They can also show that your business is moving and shaking which can help attract qualified drivers. When you’re in business for the long-term, plant a lot of seeds now and reap the benefits later.

It’s also important to remember to set goals. Start with 2-3 goals and make them as specific as possible. Here are some examples of goals you might choose:

  • Increase web traffic by 10%
  • Increase inbound links to 75
  • Get media coverage in two local publications

You can easily look at your Google Analytics to see what sites are sending traffic to yours (inbound links.) Some traffic will come from the site where you paid to distribute your press release, while other traffic will come from news and industry sites. When you issue a press release, pay attention to see whether there was a spike in traffic. You can compare different topics that you write your releases about to see which ones generate the most attention.

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