How to Make a Winning First Impression In Your Driver Recruitment

Have you ever been on a date? We hope so. If not, you’ve surely been to a new restaurant or met a new person at some point in your life. Since it’s safe to say you’ve done one of these things before, we’re confident you know the value of a first impression. They’re important all across the board: from meeting someone new to truck driver recruitment.

If you want to meet your truck driver recruitment goals this year, you’d do well to make sure the first one is a good one!


Why First Impressions Are Crucial

There are a lot of interesting stats out there on first impressions. While figures speak to the way bosses feel about interviewing and hiring candidates, as a recruiter, your role is essentially that of the candidate. It is your job to convince new truck drivers that your company is the best choice. The importance here is profound.

In fact, it’s been said that one third of bosses know whether they’ll hire a job seeker within the first 90 seconds of the interview! Because the driver shortage is so prominent right now, it is the recruiter’s duty to bring that WOW factor to the table.


How & Where to Make a Better First Impression

So how and where does a company seeking to recruit truck drivers make an impressive impact on prospects? Your online presence is a great place to start!

Now-a-days most folks are using the Internet to research truck driving jobs. It’s simply the easiest place to find a wealth of information quickly and conveinently. Your websites, job postings, ad campaigns, and social media sites should be tailored to this reality. But right now, let’s just focus on one strong area in recruiting campaigns: landing pages

Driver recruitment landing pages should most definitely be a top priority to making an excellent impression to your prospects. Here are some tips to put your best foot forward…

Tips to Optimize Your Landing Pages for a Lasting Impression

  • Make sure your landing page design and content images POP! Simple, eye-catching, and dynamic images demand attention immediately. Incorporating your company’s branded theme through the design, include images that communicate excitement and relevancy. Bring in bold colors of your trucks or something positive that represents who you are. Potential truck drivers found you, so catch them while you can through an awesome design.
  • Incorporate a highly visible and user friendly application or contact form. Not only should your form allow potential drivers to get information directly from you with minimal time and effort, but it should be engaging! Don’t bore new driver prospects with a standard “submit” button. Make an impression by customizing it something like “Let’s Get Rolling!”
  • Continuing with the point above, remember to keep your form brief. Remember, we’re working with seconds here. Your recruitment strategy should make efficient use of text on your landing pages. Bullet points of benefits and motivating language are an excellent way to make your impression count (and generate truck driver leads!)
  • AFTER applicants fill out the form and they’re on the Thank You Page, showcase second call-to-actions such as social sharing buttons. This allows driver leads to continue to engage with your brand. Social media shows that you’re confident in the quality of your brand, and drivers can learn what you’re all about through a more comfortable, informal platform. Just be sure you have an active social presence and optimized networks to make a good impression!


The importance of an excellent first impression just can’t be overlooked. In these modern times, making a memorable impact on your online advertising platforms, particularly landing pages as we covered today, will reward you with higher traffic, exposure, leads, and driver hires. Now go out and make a winning impression!

If you’re interested in learning more about leveraging online campaigns to meet your truck driver recruitment goals, get in touch with Hightower Agency, the Leader in Recruitment Advertising. Follow the Hightower Agency on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Let us help you with your truck driver recruiting!


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