Facebook Ads to Recruit Truck Drivers

Facebook-thumbs-upWhen you think about using Facebook to place driver recruitment advertising, could you use some guidance about Facebook ads, the various types of Facebook ads, what content to market and how you can utilize Facebook ads to recruit truck drivers? If you answered yes to any of the above, then take a look at our short guideline on Facebook advertising and how it can help your recruiting strategy.

The latest Facebook report claims to have 665 million active users (meaning they check in on Facebook daily). According to Randall-Reilly Market Intelligence, “more than 96 percent of company drivers have a Facebook account.” Pretty amazing, right? With these outstanding numbers, it’s clear Facebook is an important tool to reaching truck drivers. But how do you know which type of ads perform the best? What type of content should you promote? Should ads point to a landing page, website or application? And finally, how do you track results?

Let’s review five types of Facebook ads from a driver recruiting standpoint:  

1.  External Website (Standard) Ads – This is Facebook’s most common ad option. They usually appear on the right hand side of the page and drive traffic to your website, landing page or in some cases, directly to your driver application. 

2.  Like Ads – Like ads drive traffic to a Facebook Page, App or Event. Your Like Ad can point to a standard Facebook application or a customized app focused on recruiting. This could include job listings or a live job feed; if possible, include information about your company on the Facebook app such as links to more info or a company video. You should also capture contact information by having visitors sign up for your job alerts or company newsletter. Jazz up your app, create a Like Ad pointing to it and see your recruitment strategy on a roll! 

3.  Page Post Ads – Page Post Ads are used to promote pages and drive engagement. With these ads, you can take something you’ve added to your Facebook Page — whether it be a photo, link, video, event, question, or text update — and turn that content into an ad. They’re eligible to show on Facebook users’ News Feed on both mobile and desktop. Page Post Ads are a great way to interactively promote content focused on driver recruitment to potential new followers.

4.  Sponsored Stories – Facebook describes Sponsored Stories as “messages coming from friends about them engaging with a page, app or event that a business has paid to highlight so there’s a better chance people see them.” So what does this mean? Sponsored Stories highlight actions by fans on your page. There are different types of actions you can turn into a Sponsored Story to recruit drivers, for example:

Page Likes:   Displays when a friend likes your page, and includes a thumbnail of your page’s profile picture and a like button

Page Post Likes:   Displays when a friend likes a specific post from your page, and includes that post

                 Sponsored stories are the most interactive and organic of all the ad types. It’s a great “word-of-mouth” tool–think about it…. a user will see one of their Facebook friends comment on your page post about driver recruiting, so that user may become intrigued as to what their friend just commented on and click to check it out.                                               

5.  Promoted Posts – This one sounds similar to Page Post Ads, but it’s a bit different. They’re an easy way for more people to see your posts. Promoted posts appear higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them. You can promote any post you share from your News Feed or page, including status updates, photos or videos about recruiting truck drivers. This is done directly where you make a status update on the page (“Boost Post” button.) Any post you promote will appear higher in News Feed to help more people see it. 

                When your ad is completed, study the growth chart and analytics the Facebook Ad Team provides. It shows clicks, likes and other important aspects. As you create multiple ads over time, you can see which ads performed the best and what type of content drove the most interest. The ad results are an excellent way to measure future ads, as well.

                So what is the best Facebook ad to reach new drivers? It’s a difficult question to answer because what works for one carrier may not work for all. Consider your goals, try various ads and find out what works for you. 

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