Do This To Improve Your SEO in Truck Driver Recruiting


If you’re recruiting truck drivers and familiar with SEO, or even just the simplest understanding of the phrase Search Engine Optimization, you know this advertising technique is all about improved search results. Basically SEO is a process where you embed key terms in your website content so when people search for those terms, your site will show up higher in results.

Wondering where to even start to improve your SEO in truck driver recruiting? We suggest leveraging your metadata (yes, we’ll explain!)


Metadata and Your Web Pages

The common definition of metadata is “data that describes other data.” Metadata describes the characteristics of large pieces of information so that both humans and search engines can understand what to do with that information. Your web pages contain metadata, which can be optimized to attract visitors. When you attract visitors, you’re able to drive more traffic and ultimately generate more hires.

SEO to recruit drivers doesn’t just happen; there’s a strategy behind it. So where do you input metadata? Two places are key:

1. Your Web Page Title

The page title tag provides a brief summary of the content on a page. The title appears as the bold anchor text of the link in search results, and therefore, should be a concise indication of what the page contains. Your title should really represent exactly what you want truck driver recruits to see first.

To make your title the best it can be, make sure your web page title is:

  • Is unique for every page
  • Contains no more than 70 characters
  • Includes relevant words

Here’s an example of a simple and effective web page title:


2. Your Page’s Meta Description

Now, the meta description is a place where you can put just a little more information about your page. Think of it as a subtitle. A great meta description will meet these requirements:

  • Is unique for every page
  • Contains no more than 155 characters
  • Includes relevant words (but don’t just repeat the title)
  • Adds value, so the user has all the more reason to visit your page

Here’s an example of a solid meta description:


It not only tells you what the page is about, but offers a clear call-to-action (CTA). This free download opens the door to lead generation. 

Here’s another example that relates to the trucking industry. Now, this would be the ultimate example if it included a CTA, but the title and meta description are both clear and concise:


The title tells you exactly what the page is about, and the description makes you want to read further. Just what are those “few good ones?” This is how you leverage metadata to recruit truck drivers.

So as you incorporate keywords in your title and metadata description that prospects would search for, remember to be brief, perk their interest and include a CTA to generate driver leads. Now it’s time to take these SEO metadata best practices and use them to your advantage!

Interested in best ways to recruit truck drivers? The Hightower Agency is happy to help you with your driver recruitment advertising needs! We’ve been doing this for 25 years, and we’re proud to be one of the top recruitment advertising agencies in the trucking industry. Contact our team today.

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