Direct Response Marketing to Recruit Truck Drivers




The annual turnover rate at large truckload carriers is currently at 92%. This significant turnover rate tells us how crucial it is for trucking companies to implement highly effective driver recruiting methods. One of the best ways to recruit truck drivers is to incorporate direct response marketing across multiple platforms.

Defining Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel drivers to take a specific action. It requires a strong call-to-action (CTA) to encourage driver candidates to respond to your offer. By capturing responses, you’re able to market to potential drivers and generate new hires.

Knowing How, Where & When to Incorporate Direct Response Campaigns

How:  First and foremost, determine your recruitment goals and layout a direct response campaign strategy. Similar to any strategy, the appropriate platforms and knowledge are needed to create a successful direct response campaign. This may include access to various tools and technology, and of a team of marketers, web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters.

Once you have what you need in place, it’s design-time. The most common platform for direct response campaigns are landing pages. Your landing pages should be designed with the goal of funneling job seekers to a specific CTA, including but not limited to: filling out a full or short application, signing up for a job fair or hiring event, registering for a promotion, or calling a recruiter. To help funnel visitors to the CTA, the design goal should be to optimize conversions. For example, incorporate a clean, concise branding theme and include powerful headline copy and supportive bullet points. Use short apps since they’re generally more effective and result in a higher number of completed apps. Also, consider your target audiences’ needs and wants so you can incorporate techniques that will catch their attention.

After driver candidates fill out your landing page form, offer second call-to-actions such as a phone number, social media sites, and/or a full application on the confirmation page. This directs users to continue to take action and interact with your trucking company.

Where:  Digital media are an ideal channel for direct response campaigns as the response is quick, simple, and easily measurable. Direct response campaigns are typically executed steadily on several forms of digital media such as:

  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Online display ads
  • Social media networks
  • Mobile text messaging

While digital platforms are a more popular fit for direct response campaigns, print media is a great option, too. Produce response-generating recruitment flyers and advertise on newspaper and radio.

When:  Always! The majority of your driver recruitment advertising campaigns need to focus on direct response efforts. The reason? Because a direct response component helps you achieve the ultimate goal = a driver hire. This marketing approach requests an immediate action, which is needed to fill the driver quota.

Even traditional branding campaigns such as blogging and social media marketing should contain a direct response options. On your Facebook fan page, provide trackable 800 numbers and a link to your landing page. Include whitepaper downloads at the end of your blog posts. These are relevant examples of blending company branding + direct response campaigns.

Gauging Success of Direct Response Efforts

Each platform within your direct response campaign needs to include detailed tracking. It’s vital your campaigns are trackable and measurable for each media source. Various tools such as Google Analytics, tracking codes, phone numbers, and completed app information are required to measure performance. When you understand how your campaign is performing, you can make intelligent decisions on where to place your ads and what platforms have a strong, active recruiting presence. In other words, you’re able to gauge the success of your direct response marketing efforts on an on-going basis and optimize your campaign to maximize performance.

Tip: In addition to tracking, implement A/B testing to optimize copy, design, and CTAs. This enhances the overall campaign strategy and results in increased driver conversions (while reducing the overall Cost Per Conversion.)


So let’s recap. Direct response marketing:

  • is trackable
  • is measurable
  • uses compelling headlines and copy
  • targets a specific audience
  • makes a distinct offer
  • demands a response

Driver recruitment advertising all goes back to the driver funnel. The funnel focuses on targeting your audience and channeling them through the conversion process: visitors –> leads –> drivers –> referrals. This is the meat of direct response marketing, hence why direct response components are encouraged on an on-going basis across multiple platforms.

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