5 Reasons Driver Candidates Are Unsubscribing From Your Emails


Email marketing to recruit drivers is extremely important in the advertising world, and it’s important to know what you could be doing to improve your open rates and click through rates.

One area companies and recruiters are struggling within their campaigns is failing to retain their subscriber base. You may have a solid presence on social media, a rich, optimized blog, and a well-managed website with definite calls-to-actions and high quality content, but if your email marketing isn’t up to par with the rest of your driver recruitment strategy, it may be time to research what you could do to improve this area. The key is solving this problem is to focus on the “why” and the “how”: Why are driver candidates unsubscribing from your emails, and how can you keep them from doing so?

We’ve outlined several of the most common reasons you may be experiencing a spike in unsubscribes among your opt-in email list, and how you can get those subscribers to stay engaged in your email blasts. 

1.  You’re sending too many emails

A big reason people opt out of emails is simply that they receive too many of them. Part of a successful email marketing strategy is not only sending the right content to your lists, but also sending it at the appropriate times and intervals.

Bombarding subscribers is a surefire way to get them to opt out, and could even potentially deter many of them from driving for your company and learning more about what you have to offer.

Do some in-depth A/B testing to determine what exactly is the right quantity of emails to be sending your subscribers each day, week, and month. Here are a few good rule of thumbs to go by:  

  • No more than 2 emails/month
  • Don’t send on Monday, Friday or Saturday
  • Don’t send first thing in the morning (wait until afternoon or evening)

2.  Your content is boring.

Okay–that may sound harsh, but it’s a legit reason people unsubscribe. If you just showcase a plain message and a stock image, that won’t be enough to get the job done in today’s world. You must provide engaging, interesting, and relevant content (blog posts, promotions, video — whatever you know will catch your audiences’ attention). Make your CTAs clearly visible and actionable to lure subscribers to your site. (Hint: You’d also be wise to add social sharing buttons to your emails so people can share that content, too.)

3.  Your emails aren’t personalized and customized. 

A great way to improve click through rates and to get people actively visiting your site is to personalize and customize your emails.

Got a first-timer signing up for a subscription? Perhaps you can send them a transactional email, thank them for signing up, and give them a glimpse as to what they can expect to receive in their inboxes moving forward. Do have a qualified lead that’s seemingly ready to apply for a truck driver position? Send them an email with the most up-to-date info and a link to Apply Now.

It’s these personal touches that are the difference between satisfied subscribers and ones who go straight to the bottom of your email so they can opt out for good.

4.  Your subscribers don’t know who you are. (Seriously.)

Yep, there are actually people who decided to subscribe to your newsletter, offer emails, or some other email type — and guess what? They may not even remember you the next time you send something to them. Why? Because they haven’t received an email from you in, let’s see now in a long, long time.

The solution to this issue is clear: Ease back into sending emails to your subscriber base by reintroducing yourself, in a way. For example, if they signed up to receive a monthly newsletter and you haven’t sent one out in several months, relay the latest goings-on with your trucking company, your newest benefits, why they should apply for a driver job, and other info that can remind them exactly why they signed up to get email updates from you on a regular basis. It also wouldn’t hurt to add in a mention that it’s been a while since you’ve chatted — and if they’d like to adjust that, they can do so by changing their subscription settings.

5.  You’re not sending mobile-optimized emails. 

It’s pretty easy to recognize that emails on desktop computers look different than they do smartphones and tablets. As Litmus data shows, roughly 48% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices. And nobody enjoys doing the “pinch and zoom” on their phone. So, if your emails aren’t being optimized for mobile users, you’re going to want to start doing so ASAP. The world has gone mobile, especially when we’re talking about truck driving (who’s more mobile than drivers?) For better open rates, format your emails to where they’re mobile-friendly and easy to read.


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